Animation Viewing Instructions

Start with the first image in the "Pop Goes The Culture" series ("Musical Score") and then proceed through Animated Intros. Note: Be sure to see the still images that the Animations present in the Digital Art Galleries that accompany this series (button below).

Important: After the Vimeo viewer loads, click on the X in the lower right of the viewer to transition to FULL SCREEN MODE (do not inadvertently select the Vimeo logo or it will transfer to that site). It is important to view these animations at FULL SCREEN, otherwise vital details will be lost. Once each animation in the series is complete, ESC out of full screen mode and simply move on to the next in the series by clicking the forward arrow on the right of the viewer. 

Pop Goes The Culture:
Musical Score
Cowboy Culture
Cowboys & Engines Pt.1
Cowboys & Engines Pt.2
Consumption Culture
Moon Bathers
Symbolic Species
Derivative GALLERIES
The Derivative Galleries showcase individual images from the animation series for Fine-Art Printmaking.